Freelance Writing For Your Business

My name is Joe Starr and I am StarrWriter, a freelance writing business specializing in content marketing for fitness, health and wellness organizations. I handle all types of writing needs, including blog, web, social media, and print content for brochures, newsletters, advertisements and marketing collateral. I offer writing and editing for articles, speeches, essays, white papers, bios, short stories, academic theses and books. I craft influential and informative content that speaks to people and search engines alike while driving your website to the top of Google's search results. 

If you are considering hiring a freelance writer and need advice for making the best decisions for your business, let's talk. If you have questions about what a freelance writer can do for your business or if you want to talk about a marketing, PR or some other content idea you have been considering, email or give me a call. I would love to hear from you.


Case Studies

  • The Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds is a nationwide leader in pension and health care funding for public sector employees and retirees. When the agency was ready to transition its It's Your Choice health care enrollment program from print to web-based format, StarrWriter’s Joe Starr was brought on to Read More
  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business attracts business professionals from throughout the state of Wisconsin and beyond. The school’s Basic Management certificate program needed an enrollment boost and StarrWriter delivered with a four-color marketing catalog that spoke directly to who would benefit from the program and why. Read More
  • White Jasmine LLC’s founder Huma Siddiqui uses her passion for flavorful foods to build bridges between cultures. StarrWriter proudly worked with Siddiqui and her Wisconsin-based company on various marketing and public relations projects promoting the White Jasmine brand – its television cooking show and products, including a collection of signature spice Read More
  • Muddy Moose Espresso had the perfect location and theme in a market thirsty for a hot cup of java in a cool north woods setting; now all they needed was customers. Advertising in the local weekly newspaper and other promotions proved successful, but something was still missing. Read More
  • Hewlett Packard is a world leader in technology services. When HP’s Oklahoma Health Care Authority account needed to draw attention to an important program requiring timely action from its members they turned to StarrWriter’s Joe Starr. Read More
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Blazing Road to the Perfect Business Card

I received my first box of StarrWriter business cards yesterday – YAY. I opened the package, pulled a card out, looked at it and felt a tinge of disappointment. First thoughts: the logo was flat and the font didn’t capture the personality of the business.

I stared at the card trying to convince myself that it was the perfect example that every business card aspired to be. I mean I’m a professional marketing consultant – shouldn’t everything I do exemplify topflight marketing acumen? If I handed this business card to Don Draper he would immediately fall into a crazed puddle of panic as he receded into the shadows knowing he has met his creative match, right? Unlikely, but I would like to believe that he would give the card a respectable once-over and look at me for a millisecond before sliding it into the inside breast pocket of his $2,000 suit jacket as he turns to get in his limousine and speed off to hook his next big client.

I am in week two of taking StarrWriter full time and like the business cards everything is new. This is the baseline, nothing from which to compare or build. It’s an exciting time as I realize everything is possible…well except at 3 a.m., nothing is possible then. You see that’s what time I've been waking up nearly every day for the past couple weeks in a cold sweat with thoughts of doubt and questions of why did you leave a perfectly good job to risk it on your own? The terror of having your income substantially cut not to mention the seed money donated is coming from said substantially cut income can knock you out of REM like nothing else. But cold sweats lead to hot showers and me getting dressed, feeding the cats and walking the dog just like I always have before heading to work.

I decided to give StarrWriter everything I have because I love to create and help others. Mom and Dad were gifted artists and while their aptitude to draw did not find its way to me I did pick up the art gene as a writer. I’ve done well to make a living with that gift, too. My hope is that applying that gift, along with a few skills attained over the years and a relentless work ethic seared into my soul by my first employer (thanks Dad), will lead to a successful firm that will bring benefit to every business it touches. It will be scary and there will likely be more 3 a.m.’s waking up wondering what the future brings. I will stumble, fail and take wrong turns, but I will turn around, get back on track, achieve, grow and win. If you don’t go out of bounds sometimes you will never know what lies off trail.

And those business cards are growing on me. I will still make changes before ordering the next batch, but that should be the philosophy for everything we do in business and life. Change leads to learning and through learning we grow; may your changes lead to all good things.