The Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds is a nationwide leader in pension and health care funding for public sector employees and retirees. When the agency was ready to transition its It's Your Choice health care enrollment program from print to web-based format, StarrWriter’s Joe Starr was brought on to lead the project.

This brand makeover involved moving 400 pages of tough-to-read catalog content to an easily navigable web platform that would serve nearly 100,000 members with varying web skills. Making health care choices can be a complicated and stressful process on its own, so packaging this daunting amount of decision materials into an easy-to-use format was a requirement.

Starr delivered, working with web developers, creatives, subject matter experts and end users to design a distinct brand easily reached and used by all members. He developed brochures with step-by-step instructions for making benefit choices and clear messaging to guide members online for all the information they needed. Brochure content carried over to the website, training materials, social media and other external communications, creating a solid brand identity throughout all media and making important information easy to find.

Beyond the process improvements built into the program, ETF realized significant savings in print, packaging and shipping costs that came from discontinuing production of the giant catalogs. ETF received feedback from participating agencies praising the modern look and ease of use.

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