Muddy Moose Espresso

Muddy Moose Espresso had the perfect location and theme in a market thirsty for a hot cup of java in a cool north woods setting; now all they needed was customers. Advertising in the local weekly newspaper and other promotions proved successful, but something was still missing.

When the coffee shop was featured in a popular regional magazine story by StarrWriter’s Joe Starr their brand notoriety rapidly spread. Madison Magazine’s wide readership was directly in line with the coffee shop’s target market making it the perfect place to talk about the new business. A distinct increase in local traffic was realized following the story’s release, capturing the attention of people from neighboring cities now eager to see this rustic café with a giant moose head. Many who had passed by on the way to work before were now making a morning stop at the coffee shop part of their daily commute. Muddy Moose built on their Madison Magazine bump and continued to successfully promote its brand awareness with ongoing marketing and advertising campaigns through print, web and direct mail.